Faculty of Science

Discovering Tomorrow

Whether it is excitement or an innovative world that you are looking for, Science offers opportunities to explore the old, the new, the questionable, the modern and the technologically advanced. As an academic field, Science encompasses a varied range of topics, but they all have one thing in common – they help humans to improve the world around them.

“With modern teaching and research programmes, and excellent facilities, the Faculty of Science is at the forefront in agricultural, biological, environmental, mathematical and physical sciences,” says the Dean of the Faculty, Prof Andrew Leitch. The Faculty is committed to working with various industries, the government, and society to create and improve products and processes. The qualifications offered by the Faculty are designed to give students an adequate grounding in the fundamental principles of their chosen fields of study. The practical nature of these qualifications is reflected in the significant number of hours that students spend in modern, well-equipped laboratories. The students are prepared for interesting and rewarding careers. Staff in the Faculty are recognised throughout South Africa and internationally, while students are sought after across the country because of the high level of training they receive.